wetWetDon’t You
29 January 2016
By: Meghan Kearney


Three piece Wet from Brooklyn, NY, this week released their debut full length album Don’t You. The trio crafts pop-ballads, with a hint of R&B that doesn’t’ just make you nostalgic for the 90s, it warps you right back to ’95.

Don’t You opens with the track “It’s All in Vain” immediately introducing a dreamy pop world full of atmospheric vocals and catchy down tempo-synths. There was once a time 20 years before the existence of Don’t You where these familiar feels carried us through drives, before mp3s and iphones when we had to wait for “that song” to play on the “Top 5 at 9.”

But this isn’t an overreaching record trying to fit itself into an aged genre. It perfectly mirrors 90s ballads by the likes of Mariah Carey, Allure, or TLC in a perfect bubble of the present. Upon starting the record you’ll be warped back as the track “Weak” even echos similar themes of female-fronted heartbreak ballads of the Sony Discman era. With a chorus that bellows the classic “baby, baby, baby” you can’t get more lovably pop than this.

“Islands” has some bigger production, incorporating in a more modern dream-pop feel, backed by subtle piano that gives the track a loud beauty. “Move Me” is predominantly led by vocals with a simple guitar melody at the back before exploding into a chorus with echoed layers of backing vocals. The record closes on a darker note with piano ballad, “These Days.” Interestingly enough, the final track on the album is the closest to fitting into the genre of where we would have expected 90s pop R&B to be today.

Overall, Don’t You puts a very present, non-contrived spin on what was so great about the pop music of 20 years past. It has a familiar comfort to it. In the best ways, Don’t You gives us the Janet Jackson ballads the 21st century has been missing (You know the ones, remember “Every Time,” “Again” “Come Back to Me”) and it’s hard to turn off. Will Wet climb to the top of the charts and give us an International resurgence of our past feelings? They very well could, but for now, they are still playing your town’s smaller venue.

Catch Wet on tour now, OR go see them at the best – Sasquatch! Music Festival this summer.