By: Scott Lahn

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Once again, another fantastic year of Treefort!

Beginning Thursday, we took off from Portland at a decent hour and arrived, got our badges, a snack to eat and took off to shows. It’s always a thrill to hear what other people recommend. A journalist for Boise news mentioned checking out a show starting shortly.

The performer was a great bearded man, holding a blow keyboard, known as Leafraker. The guy was fantastic and mixed hip hop with covers of some well known female vocal songs. Most of his audience knew lyrics to the songs and sang along. It was the vibe that only El Korah could provide with its shriner atmosphere and token system for drinks in the back.

This year expanded venues for Treefort, which already occupies every single music venue in Boise. This year a few sandwich shops and even arcades would be joining in, adding to the grand total of now 420 bands. The next location would be Boise’s underground arcade, SpaceBar. While the place was maxed out, we found a sweet spot near the front to experience Nightwave, a really cool synth eletro DJ set. The arcade setting went perfect with his retro visuals showing scenes from Tron and other 80’s movies

Indie hiphop band WHY? came next, and man, they packed the house.

Atlanta punk band Coathangers were starting up at Linen room and for the 21+ crowd, there was a deck up top with couches and tables (and outlets, oh my!) to view the show from above and avoid the busy hustle of crowd down below..

Hustle & Drone had a beautifully lit set at the Shredder, nicely out of the way. The lighting was great for this otherwise dive bar on the outskirts of the festivals main stages.


What better way to begin the day with Neorulux’s signature Bloody Marys then have a Partyboyz hosted event first thing in the morning.

Holiday Friends from Astoria started things off with a great poppy set and drew people in.

Thunderpussy followed up with a powerful loud set that got tons of crowd cheers. At one point the vocalist was singing on the floor while the guitarist stood overtop of her, thrashing away!

East forest brought such a pleasant and calm set. At one point at least 10 people sat down in front of the stage for a true meditative experience. East forest later played a set at Yogafort which set the mood perfectly for calmness and relaxation (Namaste).

Magic Sword being from Boise drew quite the crowd. Playing Wednesday on the main stage was one thing, but this was played with the talent of the philharmonic orchestra in the fabulous egyptian theater. Even arriving an hour early, they had told the audience that the show had hit capacity. We took this opportunity to capture some wicked cool laser sword pictures by Boise’s famous Crack mural.

Linen room once again closed our night out with some wicked vocals of Xenia Rubinos.


The 7 hour drive we took to Treefort was accompanied by a few sample tracks from a lot of artists playing the festival. One artist stood out above the others because of its angelic vocals and pure synth sound ass we drove through the winding roads of La Grange. That band was Cavegreen. Due to weather, the band would be playing a popup set at Modern along with The Lower 48. I had noticed that because of the sunlight today, they put up a tent to shield the heat. I helped them out and got to let Eleanor and Luis how excited we were to see them live.

Lower 48 also brought the rock out as they played some newer music and gave us stories of how some songs were written as they toured, living out of their van for a few months. It’s always cool to hear inspirations and meaning behind song lyrics.

Band Dialogue was such a treasure to experience. Located in a circular area right outside of the JUMP, there was a gathering of well over 60 musicians. Drums, guitars, keyboardists, violins, saxophones and many others, each with their own amp. In the center was Seth Olinsky, who would be conducting this collection into one giant song. The weather was both cloudy and sunny which added to experience as it was just as unpredictable as the way the music turned out. What began as a thumping of drum pedals, grew to a pitch of string, add a riff of guitar, then put it all together. There’s no way to describe this other than magic. So much talent in one place! Crowds of onlookers would come around capturing videos and some were allowed to get to the center of it all to get shots.

Boise All Ages Movement Project, aka B-AMP, aka Polly Ray also hosted a few shows this year. We got to catch Cavegreen’s second show of the day here. A different audience this time as this was an all ages show but a very appreciative crowd. This place also has the worst burritos in existence.

Thick Business, a future classic rock band would be playing in their hometown tonight as Linen rooms closer.


We began the morning with our friends from Olympia, Lake. Meeting them in person and having brunch together made for a perfect last day of the festival.

Sunbathe, a dreampop band from Portland, was playing as we made it to Linen to catch their set.

The main stage was gearing up for a stellar lineup today with Album Leaf getting the crowd excited. Kate Tempest really blew things up with her quick and heart stabbing lyrics and sharp England accent. So many people were moved with her lyrics, but also flawless spoken word style she dished out.

Back to Linen Room, Lake would now be playing some new tracks off their upcoming album Forever Or Never. Karl Blau also had some fun tunes to keep the drummer Andrew busy from his Lake set.

Chanti Darling would be finishing this final day with a late night Neurolux set. The crowd was hype by now, combining Treefort fans as well as the typical busy Boise nightlife.Basically the night went on with a 1 in, 1 out but worth the wait as everyone was feeling the music tonight! At one point in the night, Boone Howard join in on stage, sans shirt! It was such a blast to have everyone going wild over this!

Treefort once again provided such a wonderful experience. The total count this year was 420 bands across 5 days. To anyone near Boise, it’s impossible to miss a festival of this magnitude, as it takes over the entire town. While the hustle and bustle of venues showed us the party can rage hard, the popup shows show the softer side of just being in the sun, sitting on a tree log watching with a small intimate crowd with a delicious cocktail in hand. To all of the Treefort organizers, artists, and fans; we thank you dearly from everyone at the Secretly Rad Media team! Here’s to next year!