The Casket Girls
White Eagle, Portland, OR
Wednesday 22 June 2016
TICKETS 21+ 8 p.m. $10 ADV, $12 DOS

Savannah, Georgia’s The Casket Girls are hitting Portland’s White Eagle Saloon on Weds, June 22nd. In support of their third LP The Night Machines, released on June 3rd, Phaedra and Elsa Greene, and Ryan Graveface come to Portland on the Graveface Roadshow with Stardeath and White Dwarfs.

The Night Machines is a fuzzy goth-pop assortment of haunting harmonies. It’s no surprise the sounds of Casket Girls fit the air of Savannah’s southern, ghostly charm. The record opens with “24 Hours,” setting the stage for the sisters’ drawing vocals that will keep you returning to the record.

The eerie feel of The Night Machines encapsulates exactly what he Casket Girls appear to be embracing. The type of vibes one would find during a midnight cemetery exploration with friends, a candlelit basement seance.  “Mermaid Cottage” full of imagery of sea-scape floating  creates a strange combination of poignant but inspired invitations to “come live with me in my mermaid cottage, forget with me what we thought we wanted.”

As the record progresses songs seem to lean towards a more pop feel, or perhaps the pleasing tones soften slowly into charming lullabies, easy to lose yourself in. While “True Believers” opens with a jarring organ aside heartbeat crashing percussion, “Nightlife,” soothes into a more dream-pop world.

The record’s title track closes out the album with melancholy, grainy synth beats carried by foot-tapping drums. A song themed around shape-shifting realms of love brings The Casket Girls’ haunting qualities full circle.

Order a copy of The Night Machines here, and grab your tickets for the show and come prepared to be hypnotized into a southern, dreamy daze with The Casket Girls.