By: Meghan Kearney

Tomorrow I hit the road for my first journey ever to Boise, Idaho’s staple festival: Treefort. While living in Portland and the Pacific NW over the last seven years, and as I’ve slowly embedded myself into our incredible music scene -Treefort has always flown nearby on my radar, but I never committed. This year’s lineup was irresistible. With over 400 artists performing over the course of 5 days, and for only $175 to boot – I’ll be cruisin’ across I-84 by the time you’re reading this, OR, I’ll see you there!

In this quest to lose my Treefort V-card, here are a few of the artists and things I am most excited about. If you see something on here you don’t know, please check it out – and if you’re going to be at Treefort, let’s meet up!

Christopher Willits

It is true, I am the self-proclaimed #1 Tycho superfan of the universe. Through that obsession I discovered Christopher Willits. Hailing together from San Fran, on and off tours together, Ghostly label-mates, remix-traders, and maybe even best friends. But despite my obsession with all-things Tycho, I have yet to see Christopher Willits in any form. Minimal, dreamy, ambient – Willits will be playing both live and DJ sets this year at Treefort and if I’m as good as I think I am at getting to what I love – you can find me at both.
WHEN: Live – Friday, 7-815pm / DJ – Saturday 12-1255am
WHERE: Boise Contemporary Theater / Rose Room


French Horn Rebellion

Killer-fun duo from Brooklyn, NY blending awesome dance beats and funky horn sections. I’ll be losing myself to dance at this set (Also following the very rad Myster Skulls) to top off a long, long Saturday of shows. Think a couple hours of Justice style dance vibes, aka all the fun. Where’s the coffee at in Boise?
WHEN: Saturday, 1130pm-1230am
WHERE: Hannah’s


The World is a Beautiful Place and I am no Longer Afraid to Die

This is a band I have been following for a few years now, but keep missing. I refuse to call them “emo” but they come with that deeply heartfelt tugging that brings me both nostalgia and catharsis. Beautiful compositions of instruments and rock. Think Get Up Kids, with a hint of Omaha, for your current life, but a sound made all their own.
WHEN: Sunday, 10-1045pm
WHERE: Linen Building


Gritty Birds Podcast Showcase

Can’t resist catching a bit of Portland while in Boise. Local musician and PDX music maven Jeni Wren, producer of the Gritty Birds Podcast, in collaboration with Self Group, will head up this showcase featuring a stellar lineup of Portland artists: Bitch’N, And And And, Fog Father, Kyle Kraft, Sarah Bethe Nelson, and The Roaring 420s

WHEN: Saturday, 1:30-6pm
WHERE: Saint Lawrence Gridiron


Hollow Wood

I made it a point to especially pay attention to local artists from Boise and this group came out on top for me. As soon as I heard the above track I added them to my schedule immediately. A very gritty folk sound with gorgeous strings and twangy gang vocals (I feel like there’s room for a new word here. Gwangy?)

WHEN: Thursday, 9-940pm
WHERE: Mardis Gras


Loch Lomond

Another excellent Portland artist I’m hoping to catch. I caught Ritchie Young of Loch Lomond at the Prefort PDX Treefort launch party a month or so back. Loch Lomond has such a unique but so very Pacific Northwest sound. In the strangest of ways, it reminds me of a folk version of Placebo. Yeah! Playing 2 sets this year.

WHEN: Friday, 11pm-12am / Saturday, 6-640pm
WHERE: The District / Basque Center