2016 was one of the best years in music in quite a while. All of us here at Secretly Rad struggled to finalize a Top Ten. As we bid goodbye to this wonderful year in music, and remember all of the legends we lost, the music is something we will always have to keep with us for years to come. Please enjoy the favorite albums of Meghan, Dave, Sam, and Shaun below. As always, if you want to debate us or agree with us, feel free to leave comments or send us some feedback via Facebook or Twitter. Happy 2017, y’all!


10| Tired of Tomorrow – Nothing

This seems to be technically the only “rock” (using that loosely) record I’ve included this year, and given my affinity for electronic music these days, its inclusion in this top ten is saying a lot. Nothing perfectly mixes every beautiful aspect of post-rock and shoegaze genres with an overall emotion that’s addictive and evocative. At times on the record I can’t even tell if I’m listening to the darkest or brightest song in the world and it’s a confused feeling that I’ve really loved.

9| Primitives – Bayonne

Primitives is an amazing album that was reissued this year (previously self-released under a different artists name, so I’m counting it). Bayonne is a solo electronic producer craftily slapping together addictive beats with digitally gritty vocals reminiscent of Animal Collective, but with busy, earthy backing compositions. Think Battles with more organization and beauty.

8| Spaceland – Sin Fang

If you are into poppy glo-fi, and have an affection for Icelandic music, you’ll love this record. Sin Fang is like Sigur Ros’ electro-pop brethren and I’m stoked to have discovered this record via the Iceland Airwaves playlist this year. I’ve shuffled through some Sin Fang tracks in the past, but these ones really pulled me in and stuck.

7| Every Now & Then – Jagwar Ma

After seeing this band live for the first time this year, and markedly becoming my favorite live performance of all time (yes, seriously), Jagwar Ma holds a special place in my heart. The only problem is that now I know what they are like live, their records pale in comparison. Despite that, their sophomore LP is still excellent and a wonderful follow-up to the epic Howlin. I strongly recommend spending time with this record, but I more so encourage you to catch them live if it is the last thing you do for music.

6| This Moment – Søren Juul

If you are in need of something insanely peaceful for a resting day, long drive, or big hike, this record is perfect. It’s whimsical, beautiful and soothing and Soren Juul’s vocals feel like a lullaby across the whole record.

5| Integrity Blues – Jimmy Eat World

This is by far my favorite Jimmy Eat World record since Futures. I can’t entirely place my finger on what makes this record so stand out, hopefully it will come to me. It was definitely a bit of a slow burn, but after being encouraged to spend more time with it, it sunk in. One very particular stand out on this album is the drumming. The drums are the best by far of any previous record. Pol Roger is also one of the most stand-out, beautiful tracks from these guys.

4| 22, A Million – Bon Iver

Oh boy. Justin Vernon. Freaking Justin Vernon. How does he even exist? If you are a Bon Iver fan, you’ve followed him from being an acoustic guitar “Skinny Love” depressed indie king, to the totally unexpected, explosive orchestraic self-titled. You witnessed an almost entirely new musician from one to two. And now we get a glitchy, electronically driven record in 22, A Million that sounds nothing like his last two save for his stunning (and barely decipherable) vocals. This record also gave me (and maybe a lot of folks) my favorite, dare I say best, Bon Iver song yet: “8 (circle).” It was strange and wonderful to digest a track that was more beautiful than “Blood Bank,” or “Re: Stacks,” or “Holocene,” or any others. I sort of never expect an artist to totally blow away the big hits that brought them to where they are, to totally dethrone that entry-song. But that’s Justin Vernon. He is an enigma. In my mind, he is one of the most talented musicians of my lifetime, and 22, A Million screams that.

3| Simple Forms – The Naked and Famous

I’ve always felt this certain way about TNAF. When they released “Young Blood” way back when, I was so addicted to that track, but felt the rest of the band’s work fell flat in comparison. They’ve always kind of been a “hit” band in my mind. With the release of the serious hit, “Higher,” earlier this year I was pumped but skeptical. Then they released “Laid Low,” another hit. Then they released “The Runners,” another hit. What was going on? Then they dropped the record and every, single, track, was a hit. I’ve been so addicted to this power pop perfection since its release. It’s loud, it’s simply yuuuugggeee. The vocals, the beats, all of it! It’s also a perfect work out record. Most of the calories I’ve burned this year were to “Last Forever” on loop. This perfect record makes me see this band in a brand new way.

2| Epoch – Tycho

Ugh. That’s pretty much how I want to describe this record. A spontaneous, unscheduled drop of Epoch, Tycho’s fourth full length, a few months ago made my entire year. Truly. 11 more beautiful, other worldly Tycho tracks to add to my collection of life-soundtracking, spirituality-inducing, mother-earth-loving, perfect instrumental Tycho tunes is the greatest thing I received in 2016. Following the same pattern of my love for Dive & Awake, I find myself making slow but deep connections with each track on Epoch, and I know as time goes this record will become a part of my actual existence. Scott has stated that Epoch is the end of a three album set with Dive & Awake, and you can hear that clearly among the three. It’s the most upbeat, danciest record in the group, think mixing Epoch and Dive to get Awake. “Horizon” is one of my favorite Tycho tracks yet, on par with “A Walk” and “Awake” and the emotions you can draw from it are even stronger than any song with lyrics to tell a story. It’s uncanny to me how this band tells such profound stories with only instruments. Rory’s drumming takes so much center stage on Epoch too, it’s as if some tracks (“Slack,” “Source,” and “Rings”) were built just to showcase his insane talent. Tycho evokes so much beautiful emotion that I can’t even begin to attempt a description. Honestly, Epoch is the poster record for the hands to the sky emoji. That’s all there is too it. You just need to take this record and go climb a mountain and see your world become amplified before your eyes.

1| Painting Of A Panic Attack – Frightened Rabbit

This record was by a long shot my favorite record of the year. As one of my favorite bands, it’s no surprise that I’m so in love with Painting Of A Panic Attack. I’ve cried to this record, I’ve been inspired by this record, I found comfort in this record, all through a year that had ups and downs to match it. It has all the wonderful classic Frabbit sadness a la “Get Out,” and “Lump Street;” introspective dread a la “I Wish That I Was Sober,” and “Woke Up Hurting,” and even a little bit of glimmer, the kind we started to see on Winter of Mixed Drinks a la “400 Bones” (one of the most beautiful and poetic love longs I’ve ever heard), and “An Otherwise Disappointing Life.” Not to mention the small bits of electronic elements spread throughout. There isn’t a song less than perfect on this record. It’s nearly as close to my heart as Midnight Organ Fight and continues to grow on me more every day. Frightened Rabbit made a real banger this year, really, truly, really.

Honorable Mention:


Let’s face it: 2016 was a terrible year in human history.  Everyone lost this year, the music world especially took a big hit with so many amazing artists passing away. But there is always a light in the darkness, and new music this year was that light!

Here’s my top 15 favorite albums:

15| Why Are You OK – Band Of Horses

A return to the catchy upbeat B.O.H. from the first 2 albums mixed with a few relaxing songs from the band that can make you feel like you’re on a cross country trip around the U.S. .

14| Hardwired…For Self Destruct – Metallica

Metallica is back in a very heavy way. 12 songs spanning almost 80 minutes, shredding and thrashing while keeping it catchy and poignant.  I couldn’t ask for anymore from these dudes.

13| Abendrot – You Blew It!

This album was released in the last quarter of 2016 and It caught me completely off guard.  Having been a fan of their previous work but not being in LOVE with the band, I think they’ve finally hit their stride with the help of producer/mentor Evan Weiss (Into It. Over It.) .  With every listen of Abendrot these punks from Florida show how they have matured and grown up, every aspect of this album benefits from that.

12| Return To Love – LVL UP

I had heard of this band in passing and there was a buzz around this album when it was released by Sub Pop this year. On my first listen I could hear subtle vibes of Neutral Milk Hotel and that didn’t hurt.  These guys know how to write catchy tunes that will have you coming back to this album very often as it ages.

11| Transform – Gobotron

Rob McDowell is a man of many faces, guitarist & songwriter for Manchester Orchestra, co-writer of Swiss Army Man soundtrack and album producer.  He’s on this list a few times, but his first entry is his second solo record “ransform”  Rob showcases his pop-rock influences (Beatles) heavily and in a better world his songs would be all over the radio.  He seamlessly crafts perfect songs that have remained stuck in my head months after the album’s release.

10| Post Pop Depression – Iggy Pop

The day this album was announced I was foaming at the mouth to hear what kind of output would come from the collaboration of Iggy Pop & Josh Homme. It was a team of titans and it did not disappoint. I had the chance to drive through the California Desert the week this album came out and it’s pretty much the PERFECT soundtrack for that. If this is to be Iggy’s last album, he’s definitely gone out on a high note.

9| Endless Light – O’Brother

The 3rd album from O’Brother, Endless Light sees this Atlanta 5 piece tighten up their sound while delivering a haunting pack of songs.  At first I was nervous that most of the songs were contained to 5 minutes, but they’ve managed to pack more music into these songs than some of their 7-9 minute songs from previous albums. Working again with Manchester Orchestra’s Andy Hull & Robert McDowell in the producer chairs, they are a match made in heaven. They are probably my favorite heavy band right now and if they keep in this direction they’re gonna be putting out great albums for years to come.

8| We Got It From Here…Thank You 4 Your Service – A Tribe Called Quest

What can I say about this album that hasn’t already been said? ATCQ has been one of my favorite groups since I was a kid and in a year when we needed someone to deliver an important social/political message they stepped up and delivered. Although Phife Dawg passed away this year, he got back together with his brothers and helped create this masterpiece of a final album and it’s beautiful.  Maybe we can get this album into the white house and have it blasted over the loud speaker for 4 years.

7| Integrity Blues – Jimmy Eat World

I honestly didn’t think Jimmy Eat World could creep back into my daily listening with a new album in 2016.  I’ll forever be listening to Clarity/Bleed American/Futures and now I can throw “Integrity Blues” in there.  From the first listen, I was in love with this grown up album from a band that has obviously renewed themselves in their own eyes. The album goes from dark to hopeful depending on the track and it ends with one of their best tracks since “23”, the near 7-minute epic “Pol Roger”.

6| Can’t Die – Chris Farren

In his first full-length album, Chris Farren sings about being immortal. (well sort of).  Can’t Die at first listen sounds like a pop-punk album about a guy who is so full of himself, he includes a promo photo in the vinyl copies (He Did).   But that’s the thing about Chris, he masked his lyrically deep album about depression, grief and self-worth in perfect pop songs.  It took me a few listens but I remember it hitting me like a ton of bricks, when the lyrics for “Human Being” clicked.  I hope this is just the tip of the iceberg for Farren because we need more musicians like him and his perfect songs.

5| Painting Of A Panic Attack – Frightened Rabbit

The 5th album from Frightened Rabbit gets a bit darker than their previous album ‘Pedestrian Verse’ while still managing to write songs that don’t feel dark.  For POAPA they teamed up with The National’s Aaron Dessner in the producing spot, a change for the musical landscape of FR. The flow of the album is quite perfect,  bookended with what seems like an intro song “Death Dream” & ending song “Die Like A Rich Boy”.  This band isn’t known for their positivity, but to go along with 2016, what is positivity anymore?

4| Instigator – Kevin Devine

Kevin Devine has been releasing music since the early 2000’s and he’s always managed to write relevant songs and his newest release is no different. Instigator showcases his brilliant and thoughtful songwriting tackling everything from a post 9/11 world in “No History” to police brutality in “Freddie Grey Blues’”and being a new father in “Before You’re Here’”  He can write a punk tune just as well as he can write a beautiful acoustic ballad, it seems completely effortless on this album, just as it is on his previous records.

3| Stage Four – Touché Amoré

I’m not a huge fan of hardcore music, but there is something about Touché Amoré that just completely agrees with me. Stage Four is one of the most emotionally heavy & honest records that I have ever heard and connect to. Frontman Jeremy Bolm lost his mother to cancer which is reflected in the title of the record and this album was his way of dealing with the grief. It took me 4 tries to get through this album as I had to shut it off because I was crying.  Having gone through something similar with my Grandmother when she lost her battle with cancer, with this record I relived it again. Grief and guilt are very fickle and tricky things, everyone deals with it in their own way, and I have never heard anything that comes close to the realness of this album. Besides this album being a beast lyrically and emotionally, musically it’s as tight as this band has ever been. This album is one for the ages.

2| A Moon Shaped Pool – Radiohead


1| Standards – Into It. Over It.

My album of the year, one which I have listened to probably 150 times since it was released because it’s perfect in every way.  Evan Weiss has constructed the blueprint for an album that has everything you could want. It is very reminiscent of Pearl Jam’s No Code in that it showcases everything that Evan Weiss does great and consistently knocks it out of the park with every song. With the help of drummer Josh Sparks, it is a perfectly paced album, weaving in and out between catchy, riffy rock tracks and quieter acoustic songs.  Besides being a very maturing album from IIOI it is also a drummers showcase, Josh Sparks shows he’s one of the best in the game. Standards is a lush journey filled with great songs that were put together to make a great album, one that will be looked back on as one of the best of the decade.


10| Land of Gold– Anoushka Shankar

Anoushka Shankar has always been a virtuosic sitar player whose compositions have challenged society in interesting ways. 2016 has been another heart-breaking year of stories from refugees fleeing war torn nations braving the Mediterranean in overcrowded boats, many of which run in to trouble and lives are lost. Anoushka Shankar has decided to tackle this subject head on in talking about the journey of refugees and migrants who seek to move to a better place for safety and better lives for their families. The most poignant track is ‘Reunion’ in which Shankar articulates the joy and relief of being reunited with family in a new land filled with hope for the future. Her exquisite motifs fill this track with warmth and relief that after a terrifying journey we can still have hope. This is a strong political record that needs attention.

9| Fossil Scale – Georgia Ruth

Welsh Music Prize winner Georgia Ruth has always been at the forefront of Welsh pop tinging it with folky edges. Fossil Scale is the follow up to her ground-breaking album A Week of Pines and it takes Georgia Ruth in a new direction. We still get folk insinuations throughout the record but this feels innovative in sound with funky rhythms and fascinating timbres. Title track Fossil Scale is a weight-shifting head bopper that defines a new explorative sound for Georgia Ruth. This was my Welsh record of the year.

8| Mundo – Mariza

Mariza performer in Cardiff for this year’s Festival of Voice to tour her latest record ‘Mundo’. As a live performer she gives artists a lesson in respect for the audience as she travelled the stalls of the theatre shaking the hands of all those who made her career possible. On record Mariza is once again pushing the boundaries of Fado channelling them through new electronic sounds and modernising the sweet agony that seems to have hung in the air this year. It is hard to pick an individual stand out track because it holds together as a body of work.

7| Introducing Karl Blau – Karl Blau

This crowd funded record has been a long time coming. Karl Blau has been an out of the ordinary musician so it came as quite a surprise to see him commit to record a delicate and wonderful country album. The record is rooted from his cover of ‘That’s How I got to Memphis’ by Tom T Hall that he recorded with Portland wonder-producer Tucker Martine (under the moniker of Mount Analog) and regularly performed when tourin as part of Laura Veirs’ live band. This album reunites the pair to reintroduce Blau as a country crooner through covers and it doesn’t disappoint. Full of Martine’s production quirks and timbres this is just bliss. Stand out track has to be Fallin’ Rain dipped in Martine’s luscious soundscapes and turned velvet with Blau’s voice.

6| di20Are – Francesca Michielin

This year’s Eurovision was lit up for me by the incredible voice of Francesca Michelin who ‘Nessun Grado di Separazione’ was the coolest Eurovision song I’ve heard in quite a while. Whilst most Italian pop is increasingly becoming stuck in the middle of the road it becomes easier for those who deviate to make an impact. Michielin has done that with chilled, quirky pop full of rich harmonies and unabashed adoration for the mainstream. Whilst the Eurovision entry is a clear stand out track, Michielin takes some interesting forays into English language pop to appeal to a wider market. The most successful track in this regard is ‘Sons and Daughters’ with an infectious chorus that could sit in the top 40 with ease. Here’s hoping Francesca can make the leap and infuse the market with her imagination.

5| Side Pony – Lake Street Dive

Side Pony is the funnest record this year, with Lake Street Dive creating a sassy soul record full of poppy gems. Each tune is dance inspirational and gets you on your feet, making menial chores that bit more fun I can assure you! These musicians know how to play with bassist Bridget Kearney playing some ridiculously technical bass lines that light up tunes in ways you didn’t think possible. Rachel Price’s voice is just perfect and effortless and keeps you in the zone as you taken back through their influences from tamla/motown to The Beatles. ‘Call off Your Dogs’ has been the take-off single from the record and its frankly awesome bassline gets booty’s shaking.

4| Classic House – Pete Tong with The Heritage Orchestra

In 2015 The Heritage Orchestra conducted by the irrepressible Jules Buckley were joined by legendary DJ Pete Tong to perform at the Proms a homage to Ibiza and club music. A Year later this record has surface out of the collaboration and boy is it good. An orchestra playing house music might seem like a cheap attempt to make orchestras relevant to the kids of today but this record does the opposite by giving intense power to classic house. Tracks like Fatboy Slim’s ‘Right here right now’ and ‘Lola’s Theme’ by The Shapeshifters with infamous orchestral passages have become more organic and awesome giving the tunes the ability to fill stadiums and to stay relevant to a new generation. This record is a labour of love born out of a good idea, there should be EDM and house music in the Royal Albert Hall it belongs there and this record is just the start.

3| Trust Yourself to the Water – Amongster

I discovered Amongster by chance when I was looking for gigs to go to in Brussels for a trip earlier this year. My friend and I arrive in the city to find his gig at the Ancienne Belgique sold out and after buying a spare ticket off a fan outside after an hour wait we were in for a treat. Amongster is inventive, original and thoughtful in his music-making playing with interesting rhythms and writing relevant indie, something most acts in the genre are really struggling to do. Having seen him perform the entire record live to a packed room in Brussles with little breathing room I bought the record and was not disappointed and his delicate emotive songs filled my ears. If I had to pick a stand track it would be Runalong for its pensive melody and acute harmonies.

2| Case/Lang /Veirs – Case/Lang/Veirs

For many years I’ve dreamed of a super groups of kickass female musicians, 2016 it came and I was not disappointed. The combination of Neko Case, KD Lang and Laura Veirs is just inspired with three titans of Alt-rock in their own right joining forces to create an album that shows the breadth of possibility when combining their unique sounds and identities. There’s tunes that are just so KD Lang, tunes that are classic Veirs. For me this record has properly introduced me to Neko Case whose voice is so versatile and adds to the tunes whether as the lead vocal or back up. I need to see this live and hope they tour the UK soon! My favourite track on the album is ‘Best Kept Secret’ led by Laura Veirs about a guitar teacher in Silver Lake who is so darn good! The tune is the groups chance to properly rock out and is just great fun! This super group need to work together more as I feel there’s definitely a few more records in this project and with videos of their live show indicating the group playing each other’s solo work as well long may Case/Lang/Veirs reign!

1| Lemonade – Beyoncé

When writing this list I had no doubts as to the most important, most influential and innovative record of 2016, Lemonade. Beyoncé has released an album that generations to come will be learning about in universities. When the super bowl half time show was taken out of Coldplay’s hands and marched into by Beyoncé with ‘Formation’ we knew a musical revolution as coming. Beyoncé knew earlier on this year was going to be one to forget and called it out from the Superbowl stage. Having had enough of the systematic oppression of Black Americans Beyoncé got political and it shocked the world. Lemonade is an intersectional political text articulating her experiences as black woman in modern day America, not only calling out racism but articulating experiences of relationships breaking down, everyday sexism and her own personal heritage.

Beyoncé owns her own experiences and demonstrates such strength on this record articulating her feelings through the words of Somali-British poet Warsan Shire. She also gather round her a team on interesting collaborators for different uses. Her song with Jack White ‘Don’t Hurt Yourself’ is imaginatively raw with cutting organ and overpowering drums whilst Beyoncé with raw confidence questions the listener ‘Who the fuck do you think I am?’. The song peaks with White doing overlayed harmonies with his distinctive voice, this track is something special, Beyoncé destroys rock and makes it her own. James Blake is invited to join Beyoncé on Forward to add as a sense of immense tenderness with Blake coming off the more vulnerable. Perhaps the most inspiring collaboration is with Kendrick Lamar on ‘Freedom’ which is the civil rights anthem that shouldn’t be needed. This song is totemic and militaristic. Having seen Beyoncé live earlier this year in Cardiff she was joined by a troupe of her dancers marching into a pool of water where they kicked up the water with force and with freedom. The breakbeats and soul instrumentation bring this tune up to the boil and pound the ears with a strong message.

This album is important and you need to listen to it.

Honourable Mentions


Orphée – Jóhann Jóhannsson

My favorite ambient “headphones on” album of the year.  Jóhann’s expertise is generally aligned with films that I’ve loved (Sicario, The Theory of Everything) however this project stands alone and seems to allow him a bit more freedom to experiment in some interesting and engrossing soundscapes.  A must for anyone looking to find some soundtrack-esque, entrancing instrumental orchestration.

Untitled unmastered. – Kendrick Lamar

Contrary to popular opinion I actually preferred this record to Kendrick’s predecessor and “main” album, To Pimp a Butterfly.  While this was primarily comprised of unreleased demo’s from the recording of TPAB, the content is much grittier and gives Kendrick a better setting to play to his strengths. The result is a much more interesting and effective record with provocative lyrical content that kept me coming back for more.

Hymns with the Devil in Confessional – The Dear Hunter

As the 5th installment of the 6-part concept album by The Dear Hunter, Hymns does a great job avoiding what its predecessors have not done so well which is to create a distinct tone that stands on its own while still staying close to the overarching theme of the story.  Hymns very nicely feels like a part of the whole while still standing on its own as the darkest and most atmospheric album the band has put out yet.  I can never get enough of these guys but this one was a particularly nice surprise to listen through.

A Seat At The TableSolange

As soon as you listen to the first few seconds of Seat At The Table’s first track, you can tell you are getting into something special.  Solange takes her already-excellent vocals and pushes the boundaries by putting them in front of an engaging running theme that is both personal and inviting.  After one run-through I found myself constantly coming back to songs like Weary and Cranes in the Sky for their intricate design and undeniable catchiness.

Lamentations – Moses Sumney

Of all the new music I heard in 2016, Moses Sumney had the most impressive vocals hands down.  The EP is brief but palpable, and has a perfect mixture of interesting instrumental experimentation and catchy, incredibly effective vocal hooks creating somewhat atmospheric-soul songs.  Once he releases a full LP I expect we will see much more of him.

The Party – Andy Shauf

My favorite folk(ish) album of the year.  Andy Shauf is an excellent storyteller and provides some of the most pleasant easy-listening that I found this year.  Lots of great instrumentation with intricate clarinet, piano and guitar littered throughout.

Handmade Cities – Plini

Pure, face-shredding awesomeness.  After discovering this “Progressive/instrumental metal” genre earlier this year I was searching for the perfect match when I came across Plini.  A perfect blend of catchy, addictive and impressive instrumentation whilst not straying too far from the raw intensity of its metal roots.  A nice gem for any lovers of technical guitar playing.

Blackstar – David Bowie

While I’ve never been as dedicated a Bowie fan as many others, I was immediately intrigued when I heard the Blackstar that was released prior to the album of the same name.  Clocking in at nearly 10 minutes, the song was not only immediately engaging but kept my attention throughout and I couldn’t stop coming back to it repeatedly after the first listen.  The world won’t quite be the same without our Starman, but he left us with one hell of an album that ended up being one of my all-time favorites from him.

Malibu – Anderson .Paak

One of my absolute favorites from 2016, Malibu showcases the skills of someone who knows how to use his talent and make a musically intense and interesting album while keeping the subject matter incredible personal.  The result is something exciting yet palpable.  Lyrically and instrumentally this was one of the most impressive things I listened to this year. Dig up a video of this guy drumming for a real treat.

A Moon Shaped Pool – Radiohead

I certainly fall into the “fanboy” space when it comes to Radiohead, so my bias going into this album was no surprise, but what I found was something completely different than the experience of listening to the previous “King of Limbs” album. A Moon Shaped Pool is immediately engaging in a way that not a lot of Radiohead albums are, and contains some of their most emotionally engaging songs.  Classic A+ Radiohead composition is seen throughout and end-to-end it comes just about as close as you can get to standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the other goliath Radiohead albums like Kid A, OK Computer, and In Rainbows.

Best songs of 2016

(in no particular order)

  • “I Am Chemistry” – Yeasayer
  • “Reminder” – Moderat
  • “Burn The Witch” – Radiohead
  • “Untitled 03” – Kendrick Lamar
  • “29 #Stratford APT” – Bon Iver
  • “The Bird” – Anderson .Paak
  • “Sure and Certain” – Jimmy Eat World
  • “Early to the Party” – Andy Shauf
  • “Blackstar” – David Bowie