SayHi-BleedersDigestSay HiBleeders Digest
By: Meghan Kearney
18 September 2015

Vampires. It’s a storyline that pop-culture has deemed as particularly “cool” over the course of the last decade. But nobody spins the realities of vampirehood quite as “cool” as Eric Elbogen. For Say Hi fans, and Say Hi To Your Mom fans alike, Bleeders Digest is packaged as a sequel to Elbogen’s 4th, similarly vamp-oriented record Impeccable Blahs. The only difference is, Bleeders Digest makes Impeccable Blahs seem, well, almost blah. And any Say Hi fan, will surely question the magnitude of that statement. For Bleeders, Elbogen’s 9th full length record, screams of a work that a life’s worth of creativity and effort was put into, as good as what you’d expect from a debut, or a final farewell.

This record is a perfect concoction of grunge and electronic; synth and piano; weirdness and coolness; love stories and someone’s boredom diary. It’s the kind of record I would have expected LCD Soundsystem to make right about now if they weren’t making coffee.

The record opens with “The Grass Is Always Greener,” an almost elaborate prank as it’s unmistakably (albeit, wonderful) Say Hi vibes. It sets a stage for a 9th run through sounds familiar. But it’s lying. “It’s a Hunger” kicks off with a bumping “too cool for school” guitar riff that introduces the dark vampire tale about to unfold in a way we’ve never heard before, ending with a horn ensemble that’ll leave you feeling like the antagonist in some 40’s era crime black n’ white.

Dominated by a groovy bass, “Transylvania” gets crazy with narcissistic narrative. “I don’t mean to brag but the ladies find me highly irresistible…I’m jalapenos in your pho, and i’m the rollin’ in your crunk and I break the chains of love with my finger*” [*highly unconfirmed translation].

Then comes the vampire love songs; the adorable, anthropomorphic romances that perhaps Say Hi writes better than anyone. “Teeth Only for You” is a gorgeous electronic ballad, full of keys, and about which can be gathered from the title.

The last three tracks are where the record shines darkest. Beautifully composed, perfectly produced layers of airy guitars with bits of addictive beats spread throughout, that feels distinctly unique from all prior Say Hi. “Galaxies Will Be Born,” with a simple tune, is a classically endearing love song that’ll make you want to post it on your significant other’s Facebook wall, or tweet the lyrics [like I may or may not have just done for loveless reasons].

“Volcanoes Erupt” is debatably the record’s best track. More dark story telling in lyrics over haunting piano chords. Explosive synths and heavy drums live up to their track title. If this track doesn’t make you want to dance like everyone’s watching, you’re not listening. The closing track “Cobblestone” is a sweet beckoning to join our lead in the world of vampires, “when’s your bed time, baby? It could be dawn if you come with me.”

As a whole, the record is unmistakably one of, if not Say Hi’s best record to date. Perfectly crafted, vivid and imaginative lyrics, heartfelt and fun all in one package. It’s been a long year plastered with excellent new albums, but nine months into 2015, Bleeders Digest should be recognized as one of this year’s best. There truly isn’t a second on this record that is less than stellar.