By: David Wexler

Rebirth can be a spiritual thing in one’s life and it can also mean a directional change in one’s output. With Andrew Accardi it’s a bit of both. Andrew is an artist and a musician and that amalgamation makes him a special talent. His band Robbers was the caterpillar and the butterfly has come out of the cocoon, Cosmic Harvey has been born. It’s been 3 years since the last Robbers song was recorded, and that song was “Grubby Smut”.

Fast forward 3 years and there is a brand new track from Andrew in the form of his band Cosmic Harvey & Celestial Mind entitled “Lavender”. Lavender is a 5 minute journey through time and space and a wormhole into the brain of Harvey himself.

The journey starts with organic sounds that quickly warms over you and begins to warp you somewhere else. Andrew’s vocals kick off “Feel my pain, don’t ever let it go” as his voice calmly brings you into his world. Although I am not physically in the same universe as Cosmic Harvey there is a feeling early on in this song that if I listen hard enough I will end up there.

For me, this song is about the death of who you are, whether it be physically, spiritually, or mentally and finding that new place/person. That newness you discover is already inside you, it could be who you were meant to be or something you already were. “What if you were once a flower, once an ocean, once a comet, once a dragon?” as Andrew sings. The song continues the exploration of self and the final destination.

Halfway through the song a second vocalist (Kathryn Brown) joins in as Harvey reaches his higher power, one that helps him discover himself and the path that lies ahead. The Musical landscape of the song changes as well. The more I listen to the song I realize how perfectly constructed it is white still giving off the feeling of a free-form jam.

The feeling of sliding through time starts to take over as Harvey meets the Celestial Mind and moves through the centuries. The end of this part of the journey is signified by the horns, the beautiful and smooth sound intertwining with the organs.

This is only the beginning of what is to come from the mind/body/soul of Andrew Accardi. Cosmic Harvey is another person, someone who Andrew can’t control, he’s the vessel to make sense of it all. I urge you to listen to this song with eyes closed to keep distractions at a minimum while the journey takes place.

Look for the new full-length album from Cosmic Harvey And Celestial Mind coming in 2016!