By: Meghan Kearney

HÄANA, a powerhouse electronic string artist/vocalist and producer is set to release her Brym Remix Album on June 21, 2016. Based out of Los Angeles and overflowing with Nordic and Eastern European influence, HÄANA creates addictive and heated electronic compositions. Brym, released in 2014, showcases her talent for artfully crafted dances of strings backed by gorgeous, gritty beats and heavenly, wispy vocals.

Secretly Rad Media has your exclusive premiere of the track “Phavet” remixed by SOOHAN from the forthcoming record.

SOOHAN’s “Phavet” remix shapes sprinting orchestras of HÄANA’s strings with surprises of deep house beats weaving in and out of the mix. It’s energizing, it’s thrilling, and it doesn’t stop for a breath.

13410495_10153864356457933_623250461_oBoth artists will be performing next week at What The Festival, Oregon’s boutique electronic music and arts festival held in Dufur, OR. The festival sits below two of the Pacific Northwest’s most breathtaking mountains secluded in nature, boasting electronic and world music sounds across its multiple stages. The combination of HÄANA and SOOHAN’s music on the “Phavet” remix is the perfect melding of the festival ethos. It packs the Earthy vibes of the original composition to a world-wind of dancy beats, perfectly mixing day and night.

You can check out more of HÄANA’s and SOOHAN’s music, both artists will be performing next week at What The Festival (June 16-20th, 2016). Tickets are still available – get yours here!

You can also check out KPSU’s What The Festival artist feature with DJ Mkulima to hear more tracks from the Brym Remix Album and an interview with HÄANA.