Daughter - Not to Disappear FINAL RESIZEDaughterNot To Disappear
By: Meghan Kearney
15 January 2016

Not To Disappear
, the second full length record from English trio, Daughter, is a dark, giant wall of sound. Following up on their 2013 debut If You Leave, this new record is quite the opposite of the dreaded sophomore slump.

The opening track “New Ways” showcases the upgraded sounds of Daughter right from the start. Vocalist, Elena Tonra, sounds polished and more haunting than ever. The track mixes a nearly post-metal guitar with Tonra’s warm vocals before exploding into a big, beautiful layered composition of electric guitar, subtle cymbals, and loud sound manipulations reminiscent of post-rock ambient faves like Explosions in the Sky.

“How” is another gorgeous track that jets right into loud beauty. This one is full of shoegazy feels boasting a uniqueness to a predominantly male-fronted genre with Tonra at the lead. “Alone/With You” feels humorous, in a dark and tortured introspective sense. The track takes you through the unraveling string of thoughts of loneliness and the absence of perhaps oneself.

“I hate living with you
I should get a dog or something
I hate walking with you
Talking to myself is boring conversation
You and I were once friends
Now you’re only an acquaintance”

The record comes to a close with “Made of Stone” which almost feels like something you’d find on the outskirts of early 90s trip hop, before softly fizzling to a close.

Not To Disappear is sure to be loved by any fans of Daughter’s previous record, but their sound here has unquestionably grown. The entire album is full of darkness, longing, and questioning existence. It blends post-rock, shoegaze, and ambiance all fronted by Tonra’s wonderful vocals.

Daughter embarks on a US tour in support of Not To Disappear, following a string of sold out shows across Europe. The tour begins in Philadelphia on March 3rd and most shows have sold out. Hopefully you were lucky enough to score some tickets for their Pacific Northwest dates.